" Think Goldwater Bank N.A.


Goldwater Bank, N.A. is a privately held commercial bank with a long-standing commitment to providing superior performance and delivering an exceptional experience to its customers, partners and employees. We strive to listen and respond to the needs of the market and have built a culture around our mission to provide traditional and outside-the-box mortgage solutions whenever possible.

We opened for business as a “lifestyle” banker in Scottsdale, Arizona and now include branch retail mortgage origination as one of our core competencies. As our platform evolved we began the growth of our production platform by focusing on strategic partnerships, acquisitions and the organic growth of the resulting network of ethical, professional mortgage entrepreneurs.

We have a proven track record of not only originating high quality mortgages but also of servicing and selling loans in the secondary market. Our strategic affiliations and partnerships and deep liquidity coupled with a growing servicing portfolio allows us to take an innovative and unique approach to product development not shared by most of our similarly-sized competitors. Our position in the market is the result of our pursuit of the best professionals in the industry who enjoy being part of our common mission; to become the most enviable company in the mortgage and banking industries.

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